Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris


A competitive and accomplished student athlete, Rebecca Morris was in high school when her parents were approached by two family members, Dr. Bill and Julie Toth, about the Nu Skin opportunity. While her parents declined the offer at the time, a seed was planted, and Rebecca watched attentively over the next five years as the Toth’s business continued to blossom.


Rebecca finished her college education, and graduating at the top of her class in Accounting, was summarily selected to join a large oil and gas corporation as an internal auditor. Very quickly however, Rebecca discovered that a life working for others didn’t align with her dreams of success. When Bill and Julie visited Oklahoma once again for a family reunion, Rebecca asked to hear more about what Nu Skin had to offer. Impressed and inspired, Rebecca enrolled as a distributor.


She fondly remembers achieving the Ruby milestone on the Roadmap to Success and the impact it had on her belief. “It was proof that I could really succeed in this business. Once you build 4 executives, you can do it again to reach Diamond, and once more to attain Blue Diamond. I know that anyone can build a successful team if they commit wholeheartedly to themselves, their coaches, and the company.”


Through her experiences in building her organization, Rebecca has learned one of the most important principles of leadership – taking action. “When I first became a leader, I failed to do this and thus slipped into more of a management role. My business failed to grow as my team was duplicating my behavior – managing, not leading their teams. Now I strive to be an active leader, someone who demonstrates rather than tells a team how to thrive. Each day I am personally recruiting, presenting, and following up with prospects so I can not only grow, but show my team that achieving your dreams only occurs when you take action.”


As our newest Emerald Executive, Rebecca Morris is currently qualifying for our next Success Trip and has her sights firmly set on reaching Blue Diamond before the end of the year. We look forward to celebrating her continued success at the forefront of a new generation of young leaders.