Peter Luu & Ada Nguyen



After spending years working for Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, Peter Luu Nguyen was drawn to the nail salon industry. He had relatives and associates who were making lucrative livings in this service sector and he believed that a greater path to prosperity for his wife Ada and their three young children lay in this new field. Profits came and the couple did quite well for themselves, but the demands on their time drew them away from their children, so they began looking for a new venture to invest in. Each franchise they examined offered the same rewarding income, but at the expense of all their time and energy. Exasperated, Peter and Ada thought they would never find an opportunity that could afford them both financial and time freedom.


Everything changed when a former high school classmate of Ada’s, Jennifer Gay, reached out and introduced him to a new way of investing and doing business – direct selling. This innovative approach to running a business proved enticing and the couple soon joined Jennifer’s team. While Ada managed affairs at home and at the nail salon, Peter began rigorously building their Nu Skin team. Spending all his free time attending and participating in boot camps, trainings, and corporate events, he quickly constructed a growing organization. “It’s required concerted effort and considerable discipline to juggle all of our responsibilities, but I know it is just for the short term. As we continue to thrive and grow, we’ll be able to sell our salon and focus all our efforts on Nu Skin. I look forward to that day earnestly when my wife and I can work together again and both of us can share more time with our precious children.”


One thing Peter hadn’t anticipated when he began his journey along the Roadmap to Success was the manner in which Nu Skin would improve him personally. By applying the lessons he learned from each seminar and up line’s instruction, he began adopting new positive behaviors. “Now I am waking up early each morning, spending time reading and pondering on the purpose and direction of our family and individual lives, and I have dedicated more of my life to connecting with others. My circle of influence has blossomed beyond my wildest expectations and I love how many new friends we have because of Nu Skin!”


As an Emerald Executive, Peter understands that the key to continued success is not bursts of energy or vast personal financial investments, but simple, honest persistence. “I count myself blessed to have such whole-hearted support from my wife, my friends, and especially my up lines. If I remain true to myself, stay the course, and never give up, I know that my dreams will become reality.”