Park Legacy Group

Park Legacy Group


The Park Legacy Group began as an initiative between seasoned entrepreneurs Mike and Sinja Park. In time, they built an astounding organization of unified executives throughout Korea, China, and the United States. In recent years, Mike and Sinja’s son and daughter-in-law, Paul and Lisa Park, have joined them in the business.


Before collaborating with Mike and Sinja in Nu Skin, Paul was employed as an accountant and Lisa as a teacher. The young couple was impressed by the company’s business opportunity, seeing firsthand how Paul’s parents achieved greater financial freedom and more quality time with the extended family. Paul, exhausted by the demands of his corporate career, made the decision to take control of his future and quit his job to pursue Nu Skin full-time. Lisa concurred “We made a decision that if we were going to start Nu Skin as a business, we were going to do it all the way and never give up. I knew that was the only way we were going to be successful.”


As Paul and Lisa strived diligently to integrate themselves into the business and master the new skills required for network marketing, they also actively sought out counsel from various successful Nu Skin leaders. These individuals shared their experiences and gave guidance on how to succeed – and the lessons have paid off! Paul ruminates “When you see the leaders of different teams working together with the unified goal of helping people, it is truly inspiring. The uplifting culture within Nu Skin’s distributor force is what sets us apart from other opportunities out there.  ”


Firmly established as our newest Blue Diamonds, the Park Legacy Group forges ahead and have their next goal determined – becoming new Team Elite Platinum executives by next fall. As they continue to weave together the experience of Mike & Sinja with the incredible vision and work ethic of Paul & Lisa, we have no doubt they will accomplish their dream and inspire organizations worldwide.