Nancy Wu & Sen Wang



Nancy Wu & Sen Wang immigrated to Canada, and due to their limited professional experience, could only secure employment as laborers in slaughterhouses. Undeterred by their circumstances, the couple worked diligently until they could find new jobs. With her natural aptitude for business, Nancy rose through the ranks and became a senior financial analyst. Sen leveraged his considerable strength and work ethic to become an accomplished construction worker.


Years later, Nancy was quite surprised when an associate, Spring Ye, approached her about Nu Skin. Initially hesitant, she waited three months before agreeing to make an appointment to hear more. Her attitude changed dramatically when Spring performed a half-face demonstration of the Facial Spa on her and she immediately saw results. Nancy became fascinated with the device and was eager to share the science of this tremendous machine with others.


Her first success in the business was securing a reliable and motivated down line. Knowing her neighbor, Fiona, was in need of a better facial mask, Nancy casually approached her with one of Nu Skin’s. By offering a tailored solution to her skin concerns, she cultivated trust in the products and the business. With this multi-faceted confidence in place, Fiona blossomed into a powerful Executive and eventually reached Diamond status. Nancy beams “This experience transformed my view on what direct-selling could be. By pairing friends with a rewarding business opportunity, we can bless their lives in unimaginable ways. Finding the right person at the right time requires one to always be searching for someone who wants to change their life.”


Nancy’s organization flourished as she learned the importance of setting measurable goals. “Goal setting is just unbelievable! By verbalizing and committing to your vision on a daily basis, you can keep focused on the tasks that are required to reach your dream. It’s exacting work, but critical to your success. As we utilize the Opportunity Renewal Strategy and teach our new team members how to set goals around the components of the strategy (Success Trip, LTO, etc.), it removes fear and confusion from the start-up. Nu Skin’s proven system makes beginning your dreams of owning a business natural and exciting.”


Now a Blue Diamond, Nancy remains motivated to keep working with the same determination that carried her from the slaughterhouse floor to the stage at Global Convention. As she strives for Team Elite and expanding to a worldwide organization, she counsels “As a good leader, you must keep learning, growing, and improving yourself so that you can guide your team to do the same. You also must maintain perspective, align with the company, and most importantly, adopt a positive attitude. These behaviors will lead you to success and keep you from getting distracted from your dream.”