Angeline Moncayo & Alex Gil

Angeline Moncayo & Alex Gil


Over the past two decades, Angeline Moncayo and Alex Gil have strategically cultivated rewarding acting careers in both Colombia and the USA. With an unwavering commitment to individual and artistic growth, this couple has faced both incredible challenges and fortunes in their quest for personal development. Throughout the twists and turns of their adventure, they have managed to nurture passions for art, athletics, animal activism, and most fervidly, entrepreneurship.


With their keen eye for successful ventures, Angeline and Alex were intrigued by the Nu Skin opportunity when they first encountered it via an invitation from Angeline’s brother and sister-in-law, Julian & Angela Tovar. Julian and Angela were overseas pursuing their Master’s degrees in London when they first broached the subject of Nu Skin over a Skype conversation. Initially only keen to the skincare and supplement products the company had to offer, Angeline spent the following year as a dedicated consumer. After witnessing the tremendous growth in Julian and Angela’s organization as they expanded into the Colombian market, Angeline and Alex were ready to tackle the business and promptly set about building their own group. Angeline explains, “We set out to create a team that would provide direct support to anyone that was interested in the opportunity. This commitment to the individual has proven instrumental to the growth of our business. From the very beginning, we resolved to work hand in hand with each person who joined to guarantee they felt part of the team.”


However, getting started did not prove easy. Angeline and Alex’s direct sponsors did not reside in their vicinity, resulting in some significant barriers to direct interaction. They found a solution in actively employing several communications services and social media platforms to not only stay in touch, but thrive. “It was tricky, no doubt. We had to be resourceful, utilizing the technology available to us to stay in frequent contact with all of our up lines and participate in virtual trainings. We also had to be proactive, taking the initiative to begin conducting one on one meetings with prospects and mirroring the instruction we had received, as no one could do it for us. It turned out to be an incredible experience because through these obstacles we were forced to adapt and grow. We jumped in with both feet and quickly discovered that we not only had a knack for this business, but that we thoroughly enjoyed it.”


Their long-distance education proved a powerful preparation for their eventual meeting with their up line and others. By attending both corporate and distributor events abroad, Angeline and Alex furthered their understanding of the opportunity by learning directly from some of the most influential and successful distributors in the business. “What a wealth we discovered! They may not even remember us, but we vividly recall writing down in our notebooks the advice they offered so generously. Team Elites such as Alan Nagao, Patricia Acosta, Nathan Ricks, and Dean Nguyen each taught us something concerning how to build and run our organization and we’ve taken their counsel seriously. These occasions taught us the importance of attending all meetings – something we had almost considered superfluous before we experienced them!”


Having applied those invaluable lessons, Angeline and Alex have forged a flourishing foundation of likeminded leaders. The couple attributes their success to a simple principle: ensure that one’s front line is crystal clear on the opportunity that they might duplicate successfully. By abiding by this precept, these two leaders are hurdling towards their goal of creating an organization rich with Stars and Star Creators, “connecting each team member via Success Trips to the recurring and empowering rhythm of Nu Skin’s business cycles.”  They remain resolute in their conviction that they will accomplish this tremendous feat as they stay disciplined and continue living their mantra: “Neither threats nor compliments distract the man who knows what he wants.”