Mi Ae Hahn



Like many distributors, Mi Ae Hahn was first introduced to Nu Skin via its revolutionary products and the company’s mantra “All of the good, none of the bad.” This philosophy resonated within her, and as she began sharing the products with friends and associates, the desire to become a Force for Good spurred her to develop Nu Skin as a viable venture. “I thought this could be a business that would fit in seamlessly with my retirement, something to give me purpose and encourage me to be active in the world. I could be out there, changing it for the better with this company’s unparalleled mission and vision.”


Inspired, Mi Ae began to set the foundation of her organization. When she was young, she dreamed of being a teacher and fashion designer, but those prospects faded as she changed priorities and focused on her marriage and tending her children. Now, years later, she is invigorated with new aspirations, all because of what is possible when partnering with Nu Skin. “I now have new dreams as my ‘second life’ begins with this incredible company! My new vision is to transform into a great leader and live a beautiful, rich life full of abundance, all while blessing the lives of others. It’s so clear to me now that despite my circumstances, I still have time and opportunity to change my life and the world!”


The Success Trip has proven a powerful motivator for Mi Ae, as she has traveled in celebration with the company on three separate occasions. The multi-faceted nature of the trip has energized her business efforts, and she positively beams “It’s the whole package of Success Trips that makes them so motivating and enticing. It’s an occasion where we are recognized for the hard work we have put in. We also get time to relax and mingle with corporate and distributor allies, foster better team identity, and set even higher goals. There’s nothing quite like a Nu Skin success trip.”


The key to Mi Ae’s continued growing success has been her commitment to holding regular meetings and implementing the counsel of her up line leaders. It’s through frequent gatherings that Mi Ae is able to nurture her new leaders , instill positive perspective in her team, galvanize them to take action, and align as an organization around team-centered goals.


And those goals extend to what Mi Ae personally wants to accomplish in the near future. She is currently striving towards becoming Team Elite for Roma 2016 and qualifying next year for the Alaska Cruise as a Star Leader. “In doing so, not only will I secure my own success, but position myself to better aid and lead by example. I know that achieving this measure of accomplishment will inspire my team members in their own personal journeys of success. I have to set the standard, achieve it, and show the way, because that’s what leaders do.”