Lisa Bell

Lisa Bell


A former ICU nurse turned wellness consultant, Lisa Bell thought herself familiar with each trend and breakthrough in contemporary nutrition. However, in April of 2005, she was contacted by a local Nu Skin distributor, who inquired if she had ever heard of the BioPhotonic Scanner. Unaware of the machine, Lisa agreed to meet and learn more. After a year of researching the company’s revolutionary science, Lisa was convinced that the uniqueness and efficacy of the device warranted her full attention and business efforts.


Leveraging the scanner opportunity with local physicians and wellness providers, Lisa swiftly attained Ruby status. Continuing to diversify her business model to include the ageLOC Galvanic Spa and attendant product lines, she expanded her organization and further advanced in title. As a result of her diligent labors, Lisa established a reliable, residual income stream and gained greater self-confidence.


Committed to Nu Skin because of the freedom it brings, Lisa lauds “People ask me ‘Why Nu Skin?’ and I always tell them that it is the only vehicle that has allowed me to have it all – the freedom to control my life as a wife and mother, the freedom to work where I want, with whom I want and when I want.”


Achieving success required not only persistent effort, but also partnering with a likeminded network. Allying with both her corporate account managers and key up line leaders, Lisa forged lasting friendships and a system of accountability. These individuals have helped her remain focused on the process instead of the outcome, granting her perspective and courage to keep building, despite regular obstacles and challenges.


Lisa demonstrates her difference by inviting each person she meets to personally experience Nu Skin and take charge of their success. She counsels “By embarking on this journey you may find that the greatest gift is the chance to rediscover who you are. You will achieve more than you ever believed possible, and inspire countless others to live extraordinary lives.”