Jorge Hulian



Originally hailing from Venezuela, Jorge Hulian spent his years in university studying business management. While business was his career, his passion lay with art and specifically art collecting. Beginning at the young age of 17, Jorge was committed to assembling a robust and comprehensive collection. Determined to find a way to couple his passion with his business savvy, he eventually became a professional art dealer. “To this day I am amazed and grateful that I learned early on how to shape my career around the things that I love.”


Always looking for ways to diversify his professional portfolio, Jorge was open to a new way of doing business when approached by a Nu Skin distributor. After learning about the opportunity and hearing the personal success story of Team Elite Maria Gracia Briceño, Jorge enthusiastically replied “Give me her number!”


After meeting with her and experiencing the effectiveness of the products himself, Jorge was convinced that he had found another revenue stream. More than that, this unique business would allow him to join forces with Maria and countless others in a quest to change and empower countless lives worldwide. “It was at Global Convention that I was able to truly visualize myself as part of this company. I had found the perfect business partner to truly be a Force for Good.”


While he has built a flourishing organization and attained Blue Diamond status, Jorge has experienced his fair share of obstacles and trials. He is currently working towards the next major milestone, becoming Team Elite. Pausing for a moment amidst his bustling schedule, he shares his secret to persevering through challenges. “Lean on those who have forged a path, who have traversed the same peaks that lay before you. I have learned and benefited greatly from the personal instruction and assistance from my up line leaders. My first generation has blossomed into vital, thriving Executives because of the very careful planning and hard work that was designed by Maria. Duplicating her system of success has been the impetus for all the amazing blessings that have poured into my life.”


When asked what the key to leadership and continued prosperity, Jorge does not hesitate and immediately responds “Never entertain the thought of giving up. I know that phrase is thrown around a lot, and perhaps seems trite, but there is nothing stale or false about it. You want to succeed in this business? Remain resolute, stout in your convictions, and relish each day with the hope of reaching your goals.”