Jonathan & Ly Trinh

Jonathan & Ly Trinh


Jonathan and Ly Trinh certainly do not lack for professional experience – as the owners and operators of profitable nail salons for 20 years, they are intimately familiar with the tenacity required to thrive as entrepreneurs. Success does not come cheaply; both Jonathan and his wife have shouldered the burden of managing their salons, often resulting in 60-70 hour work weeks. This demanding schedule often forced them to bring their children into the salon after school, which left these parents feeling discouraged and frustrated at their lot. In the face of this taxing situation, they began seeking out an alternative to their chosen profession.


When presented with the Nu Skin opportunity, Jonathan and Ly knew that their lives were about to transform into something grand. After counseling together, they decided to enroll in the business and begin developing a team part-time. As they started to experience success with sponsoring and selling product, eagerness to build faster and excitement for their family’s future returned. “See, we weren’t just looking for a new business venture; we already had one of those. What we were truly seeking was a new life, one with freedom to actually spend time with our children and have time to invest in our personal development. Transitioning to direct sales full-time was a natural progression as it opened doors to the quality of life we sought.”


Aiding in that change of career, along with teaching Jonathan and Ly the fundamentals of duplication, were their up line. Ever present, yet never overbearing, these key leaders demonstrated the necessary behaviors to adopt in one’s quest for success. “We are grateful for every lesson our mentors have imparted. Their system of doing business has proven invaluable as we have learned how to effectively contact, recruit, invite, and lead a team of our own. Leaders like Chau & Cindy Pham have modeled the way for us – all we have to do is follow, implement, and live their principles and we know we will be even more successful!”


Charged with optimism and enthusiasm for the business, Jonathan and Ly have achieved Emerald status and are actively working towards qualifying for the next Success Trip. Motivated by their accomplishments and the desire to share the same guidance with their down line, this couple is proactively seeking ways to ensure that members of their organization will be able to join them. “We won’t stop with just helping them live and feel younger. We won’t stop sharing with them the blessings of this opportunity. And we certainly won’t stop until we have helped each and every teammate achieve their dreams. When we say we are all in, we mean it – from our most experienced leaders to the newest distributor, we are committed to help each team member find and fulfill their personal ‘why’. That’s why we give Nu Skin our all. We are in the business of changing lives.”