Jing Jing Ye



Blessed with a comfortable upbringing, Niki Jingjing Ye found herself in need of direction when she moved away to attend university. Much of her time was spent living day to day, attending classes and socializing with friends. Though she was relatively comfortable, she felt that she lacked a definitive purpose and zest for life. That soon changed when one of her friends introduced her to Nu Skin and its business opportunity.


Said friend had recently been introduced to Nu Skin and asked Niki to lunch one afternoon. Having just started, her friend was thrilled about the business and wanted to share it with everyone she knew. Niki became motivated and passionate about the prospect of running her own venture and helping other people attain similar success, but soon other obligations arose and her attention were directed elsewhere.


A few months later the same friend that introduced Niki to Nu Skin once again invited her to lunch, and while there Niki was amazed at the difference mere months had made. “I noticed that she had completely transformed. Nu Skin had given her a better lifestyle and I was shocked at the positive changes in my friend.” After a five-hour lunch and an in-depth discussion about the opportunity and its power to change lives, Niki resolved to try again and work harder to build and support her organization.


After purchasing a Facial Spa and loving the results, Niki was further motivated to share the product and the Nu Skin opportunity with everyone she knew. As she did so, her business began to grow rapidly and she found herself happily investing more time and effort into helping her down line. One major behavior that influenced her success was beginning to set goals for the first time in her life that stretched her. Resultantly, successive accomplishments led her to advance in title, and more importantly, recognize her potential as a leader. “This was the first time that I could recall that I set and achieved goals without anyone else’s help. It was through this simple process that I really found my worth.”


Eventually Niki achieved her goal of attending a Success Trip and eventually advancing to Blue Diamond. While she had originally built her business because of the financial freedom it offered, Niki soon discovered that the business is “not just about earning money. The most important thing is to help others change their quality of life. Nu Skin taught me to set goals and showed me the joy of becoming successful. You only truly live when you make your own decisions about your life and how you’re going to live it.”