Jenny Tsang



It’s more than fair to say that the Nu Skin opportunity has the power to transform lives and empower individuals to reach their dreams. That miracle has occurred over the course of Jenny Tsang’s long tenure with the company, and she brightly exclaims “I now enjoy living a life of wellness because of the freedom that comes from this incredible business. From growing herbs, to practicing yoga, and investing more time with my family, I truly have it all. My life has changed since I became a Nu Skin distributor, all those many years ago.”


It was the simple introduction of the innovative Lifepak product line that brought Jenny into the fold. Her business naturally flourished as she shared her powerful testimonial of the effectiveness of the product and her consumer base grew accordingly. While slow to start, her organization took off when she recruited her best friend from middle school to join her as an Executive.


Years later, Jenny stood triumphant on the lawn of corporate headquarters as part of the Jackson Hole Success Trip gala. “The recognition I received for my many years of service and hard work to reach Blue Diamond was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. It resonated through every single cell in my body and reminded me that despite tackling this milestone, there was still so much to look forward to and so many dreams left to achieve!”


Invigorated by the Success Trip and reaching her initial dream of becoming a Blue Diamond, Jenny is more passionate than ever about the company and its ability to completely alter others’ destinies. “As I remind myself daily of our region’s motto ‘One Team, One Dream, One Billion’, I am inspired to work harder to do my part in reaching that tremendous goal and making Nu Skin an even more common household name.”


Diligently working towards qualifying as a Team Elite, Jenny Tsang stays true to the core principles that have brought her thus far: building strong Executives, duplicating the system, and multiplying the number of team members who qualify for Success Trips. Yet, throughout it all, she hasn’t forgotten the role that tender nurturing plays in developing new leaders. “Our actions are so important to our success, but so is the element of caring and encouraging our team members. With support, love, and leadership, we can tailor solutions for each member of our organization based upon their strengths. The roadmap to success certainly isn’t easy, but it is definitely doable as we commit with our full hearts and minds to find unique, personal ways to help our friends blossom into leaders of their own. This business is fundamentally about helping others discover their potential – then we both stand back and watch the miracles unfold!”