Jack Zhang



Jack Zhang learned from an early age in Wuhan, China the value of education. His years of diligent studies paid off when he was awarded the prestigious Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship, providing him up to 11 years of full scholarship to any university of his choice, from Undergraduate work all the way through Doctoral studies. Enthused and driven, Jack headed to UC Davis in California to pursue his passion of graphic design and photography.


However, before beginning his Bachelor’s courses, Jack faced immeasurable loss when his five-year old brother passed away from leukemia. Only four short months later, he lost his father as well to colon cancer. Stricken with tragedy, Jack’s loved ones found solace and comfort through their faith and drawing closer as an extended family. He readily explains “Ever since then, our family has been conscious of health. I promised myself that I would take care of my family and do all within my power to aid the quest for a cure for cancer. I may not have been able to save my brother or my father, but I am committed to aid as many others as I can.”


While at UC Davis, Jack played for the school’s volleyball team. One of his coaches, Ping, became a close friend, “Just like brothers.” When Jack discovered that Ping was the son of world famous Team Elite Betty Sung, he was immediately intrigued by her massive success. He eventually had an opportunity to sit down and discuss the business with Betty, and she encouraged him to go home to China and not return to the States until he had built a successful Nu Skin team. Leaving his secure and fulfilling job at the university to seek his dreams of prosperity and freedom, Jack made the leap and left for China.


Now back in the US and continually growing his business, Jack Zhang is living up to his promise to take care of his family in both health and wealth. However, these provisions for his family aren’t his only objective – Jack will not rest until he’s made a difference in the world of cancer research. “I may never find a cure for cancer, but I can most certainly improve people’s health and wellbeing with revolutionary ageLOC products. I can donate portions of my earnings to fund research that will make a breakthrough in cancer care. I know I am living a life that would make my brother and father proud, dedicating all my efforts to improving others’ health and doing my best to make sure they live strong.”