Hong-Hua Li

Hong-Hua Li


Hong-Hua Li is no stranger to hard work and dedication. After coming to the United States in 1987 to pursue a Ph. D. in Molecular Biology, she went on to work at both UCLA and Stanford University as a faculty member. This extensive scientific background has played a crucial role in preparing her for Nu Skin’s unique business opportunity and products.


Like many of our distributors, Hong-Hua was introduced to Nu Skin through a casual interaction with friends. Invited to a friend’s office to listen to Team Elite Lin Xie and Blue Diamond Hailing Yu, Hong-Hua got to experience a “half-face demo” of the ageLOC Galvanic Spa and was thoroughly impressed by both the immediate results and credible science associated with the device. After initial exposure to the opportunity, she worked diligently and reached Executive status in a very short period of time.


However, achieving such rapid success and becoming a Diamond level Executive hasn’t been easy. She shared recently that “I’ve always remembered one lesson I learned while attending Team Elite University: It generally takes over a thousand presentations to reach Blue Diamond status. I recognized that each ‘no’ I receive while presenting has actually helped me draw closer to that total number of presentations, refined my abilities as a leader and speaker, and has kept me motivated to reach that dream of Blue Diamond.” That refreshing, positive outlook spills over into her perspective on leadership as well. “Giving up is not an option because I feel responsible for my team’s success. To me, success is measured by how many people on my team make it to the top with me. My only choice is to persevere!”


And by that standard, Hong-Hua is quite successful. She has qualified to attend the North America Success Trip to Bermuda in July 2013, along with 2 members of her team already qualified, and potentially six more! As she stands on the cusp of reaching her goal of Blue Diamond status, we extend to her our most heartfelt encouragement and look forward to recognizing her formally when she accomplishes her dream. Please join us in celebrating Hong-Hua’s exceptional attitude and success.