Diane Patterson

Diane Patterson


A veteran of almost 20 years in the network marketing industry, Diane Patterson had seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Amidst her journey through various opportunities, she discovered passions for teaching, inspiring people to dream again, and encouraging others to learn more about their personal health and wellbeing. Resilient and on a quest to find the right opportunity, Diane’s life changed forever when she discovered Nu Skin.


Working with a small family-owned company at the time, Diane had an acquaintance who suggested that she and her mentor try the BioPhotonic Scanner. Taking their advice, Diane agreed to be scanned and received a low score. Determined to bring up her score, Diane began using a rigorous product regimen and has since made great strides in improving her health.


Starting off with the business builder package and leasing the BioPhotonic Scanner, Diane found her first success in reaching Executive status and developing a local team of distributors. She has continued to be successful through persistence and clear goal setting. “In the past I set unattainable goals and failed to have an action plan to meet them.  I am now planning each day and working at being more consistent.”


Diane seeks inspiration in all facets of her life, ranging from motivational books to listening to success stories and unique experiences from other distributors. Each source provides her with purpose and helps strengthen her commitment to Nu Skin. “I am focused and I know this is the only company I will ever be with. I truly believe my success is dependent on me alone…I know this business will give me everything I need, if I stay the course and show up daily.”


Diane has since progressed in the business and has a goal to reach Emerald in the near future. In addition to title advancement, her dream includes large, long-term goals – total time and financial independence. Diane knows that accomplishing these dreams is possible if she continues to demonstrate initiative and build her team with likeminded leaders. “I know there are people out there searching for an opportunity like this. If I continue to concentrate on finding and working with these individuals, I am confident that I can not only achieve my ‘why’, but I can help others do the same.”