Darla Cooke

Darla Cooke


Having an extensive personal experience in national and international athletics, coupled with a Master of Lifestyle Management degree, has proffered Darla Cooke numerous opportunities throughout the course of her career to educate others on the importance of wellness. When she discovered Nu Skin, she was initially hesitant but intrigued at the possibility of combining her life-long passion for teaching and helping others with a lucrative opportunity.


Darla did not pursue Nu Skin as a professional endeavor until it was researched and vetted by a trusted close friend, who is a family physician. She discovered that beyond the innovative products and rewarding business model, Nu Skin also offered a wealth of quality, vested leaders, both at the corporate and distributor level. “Once I met these incredible individuals, I was all in. I was thoroughly impressed by the character of the leaders I met and was moved by their long term commitment to the company and cause to be a force for good. It was then that I knew I had found the right people and place to partner with.”


As she began tackling the challenges that inherently come with building a business, Darla discovered the wisdom in incorporating a proven system of duplication along with effective practices such as three-way phone calls with cross-line leaders. She reflects, “Now that I am more seasoned in this business, I reach out actively to those who can help me. I can’t imagine my life without Nu Skin and those key leaders who have assisted me on my journey to abundance. I am forever grateful.”


Her ‘why’ for doing the business is quite simple actually – to secure financial freedom for herself and her beautiful daughter, Alexandra, while aiding others in achieving their own ‘why’. Reaching that dream will require her to not only work closely with her team, but “… perseverance, discipline, and patience in building my organization. I will become a Team Elite, travel the world, and provide for my daughter as I continue to adhere to these core principles of success.”


Having achieved the rank of Diamond, Darla is on her way to accomplishing her dream! She continues to expand her team by focusing her efforts to recruit diverse leaders through referrals and approaching them via new networking strategies and utilizing social media platforms. In constructing a group of leaders composed of varied backgrounds, Darla is fashioning a modern team that will leverage its diversity as it continues to grow and provide a welcoming home to future prospects of all cultures and professions.