Corey Howard, MD

Corey Howard, MD


Having practiced medicine since 1996, Dr. Corey Howard has been attending to needs in gastroenterology and internal medicine ever since. In his mission to empower people to live healthier, better lives, Corey has consistently sought out the best tools and practices for his patients.


In 2011, Corey was approached by a friend and asked a simple question “Have you ever heard of the Pharmanex BioPhotonic scanner?” Having no knowledge of the device, Corey was intrigued with the potential impact such a device could have on his patients’ lives. Introducing the products and technology into his practice, his patients began experiencing incredible results in a dramatically short period of time. Six weeks later, Corey was on a plane and attending his first Team Elite University. “It was at that meeting I decided to close my medical practice and pursue this opportunity full-time. Having the ability to build my business around my life and not the other way around has helped me become a better person, father, husband, and leader.”


While quickly reaching Ruby status, Corey experienced the struggles new Executives sometimes face in mastering the nuances of leading a team. Committed and resilient, Corey continued to participate in calls, attend meetings, and study up line reading suggestions regularly. “I realized I had to learn to new skills, things I had never considered before. Fortunately, Nu Skin is filled with amazing leaders and mentors everywhere. I followed the lead of several key individuals and found myself believing in the mission and culture of this incredible company deeper than I ever had before. I was in 100% and knew that I was already a force for good.”

Now a thriving Diamond Executive, Dr. Corey Howard is on his way to becoming Blue Diamond and bringing members of his team with him on the next Success Trip. We are blessed to have Corey’s passion as part of the Nu Skin Americas family.