Clara Chung

Clara Chung


With the familiarity of being a housewife and stay at home mom to her children for 20 years, Clara Chung was used to her daily routine. However after her divorce, Clara was overwhelmed with change and began leading an unhealthy lifestyle. With questions about what to do next and how to regain her health, Clara was searching for a solution.


                It was at this lowest of moments that a friendly neighbor recommended that Clara try various Pharmanex and Nu Skin products. “I could feel the difference these products were making in my life; I began once more to live the healthy lifestyle I once knew.” Intrigued to know more about Nu Skin, Clara’s neighbor suggested she attend some distributor events at the company headquarters for first-hand knowledge about the company. Although nervous about attending these events on her own, she trusted her friend and left for Utah. “After attending distributor meetings alone for two days, I knew I had made the right decision. I envisioned where the Nu Skin business could take me if only I would put forth the effort. Since I was now raising four children by myself, I felt that Nu Skin was my only hope to have financial freedom while being allowed to manage my own schedule.”


                Having a limited knowledge of the direct selling business model, Clara learned all she could through attending meetings, events and reading books. “Through all those trainings and research, I learned a lot not only about the business, but also ways to overcome the difficulties of life and to have the attitude to always try to succeed without ever giving up.” With the help of her upline, Clara found herself able to leverage the opportunity in order to maintain a comfortable and stable life, and she found a newfound passion for being a force for good through the Nourish the Children initiative.


                As a Blue Diamond, Clara recognizes that managing an organization is not always smooth sailing. However, by taking to heart the advice of successful leaders before her she has discovered ways of overcoming obstacles and adversity. Her leader’s support has inspired Clara to find her own success through inspiring her organization. “My next goal is to achieve Team Elite so that I can give my downlines a new motivation to grow their business.” Clara knows she will be able to achieve this goal as she works diligently on a daily basis with a determination to never give up.