Ben Yim

Ben Yim


While studying at Simon Fraser University, Benjamin Yim was inspired to become a professional educator. Amidst completing his student teaching and preparing to graduate, Ben discovered that calling was not for him. Motivated to find a career that resonated with him, Ben kept searching.


He was next drawn to employment in the banking field. After five years within that industry, Ben established a firm financial future, yet one without personal fulfillment. Committed to discovering the career that would provide him with both prosperity and purpose, Ben fervently explored other professional avenues, and during his questing he encountered Nu Skin.


Ben was initially enthused to find a company that made products that addressed his long-standing skin concerns. Curious, he began researching the business behind the products and learned of Nu Skin’s unique approach to direct selling. Intrigued, Ben signed up as a distributor and started to build his team.

His journey with Nu Skin truly began when he was invited to attend a training meeting in Anaheim, California. While there, he was inspired by the keynote speaker’s definition of courage being the demand to pursue one’s dreams. During the speech, Ben pondered his own life and how his dreams had evolved. He had started each of his previous careers with personal prosperity in mind, but recognized that wasn’t his complete vision for success. Ben felt the growing desire to assist with the care of his ailing mother’s emotional and financial needs. After the meeting, Ben was convinced that Nu Skin could provide a way to achieve his expanding dream.


Back from the training, Ben immediately began working with upline leaders, learning how to successfully duplicate their business model in his own network. Artfully explaining the business, Ben began to grow his team with urgency and efficiency.


Having recently achieved Blue Diamond status, Ben recognizes “that my personal journey and dreams have only just begun. Blue Diamond is a stepping stone and the next phase in achieving my goals. I look forward to future successes as I align myself with the company’s mission to better peoples’ lives with the most rewarding business opportunity there is.”