Amrita Rai

Amrita Rai


Amrita Rai is no stranger to challenges. Working full-time as an administrator for a 68-bed Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency hospital, Amrita still finds time to cultivate a garden, raise several animals, and develop her Nu Skin business.


When approached about the opportunity by friends Chandis and Erik Mikkelson, Amrita was initially skeptical, yet she began to research the company. After compiling numerous questions, she spoke with Mark Klassen who not only answered her queries, but inspired her to seriously consider joining the business. After a sleepless night pondering and deliberating, Amrita decided to jump in with both feet and begin her Nu Skin journey.


The very same week she signed up, Amrita experienced her first success, but not by the definition you might expect. Reaching out to an influential and connected professional associate, Amrita was immediately met with stiff rejection. She refused to let a decisive ‘no’ discourage her from persevering – “As I look back, I realize, that which I once thought was a failure, has driven me onward and upward, making it my first success because it was my first ‘no’".


What continues to inspire her and provide her such determination? It’s her Nu Skin family. Like her biological family, leaders such as Dr. Larry and Cheryl Couture have embraced and nurtured her, not only providing instruction, but also examples of how to live the Nu Skin values and successful behaviors.


Her next milestone is developing her first breakaway and becoming a Gold executive. Her “go for no” attitude and fearlessness of failure will surely bolster her efforts in building her organization. We join her team in waiting for Amrita to reach her goal and prove once again that challenges are not only surmountable, but critical to one’s success.