Allen Qin

Allen Qin


It’s amazing how a single product can change one’s life and perspective. As a young twenty-something new in America, Allen Qin was struggling with acne and was unable to find a product that would alleviate the symptoms. He was thrilled after applying Epoch Glacial Marine Mud and achieving noticeably clearer skin. Convinced of the product, Allen tentatively joined the business with limited experience and proficiency in English. One immediate benefit from joining was his exposure to Nu Skin products and marketing materials, which began teaching him skin care terms like pimple and wrinkle, thus helping him build a working business vocabulary.


Despite his enthusiasm for the business, Allen struggled to find a stable source of volume and clients, leading to multiple attempts at Executive qualification. With patience and learning from his previous endeavors to build an organization, Allen eventually found footing with a diverse organization spread between the US and China markets. It was this multi-fold approach that eventually allowed him to lock down recurring sources of sales volume and find individuals to help shape into fellow Executive leaders.


Having seen others achieve success with similar challenges in language barriers and limited business experience, Allen is encouraged that he will be able to duplicate their success as he learns from their examples and grows personally. “I am not the same person I was two years ago. I’ve become increasingly mature. Before, I didn’t know what team work meant or how one could contribute to something greater, but now it is second nature.”


Critical to his success has been the influence and support of his sponsor, Kristy, and informed up line leaders like Dr. Wan Ming. Their consistent encouragement and instruction has proven invaluable as Allen has begun learning the ropes of the business. And they will continue to play a role as Allen diligently works towards qualifying for the upcoming success trip to Hawaii.