Active Requirement Change - February 1, 2016

Nu Skin will take additional steps to reinforce the Nu Skin difference, particularly as it relates to our focus on long-term business. Nu Skin has consistently led the way in the industry to reinforce the responsibility that we have to protect the consumer and our business partners. As we look to 2016, I want to notify you of a change to the active requirement in order to qualify for commissions which takes effect on February 1, 2016.

Beginning on February 1st, the new active requirement will be the following:

  • Distributors and Qualifying Executives--In order to meet active status requirement, a Distributor must have at least 200 Level 1 Volume. 200 Level 1 Volume is the cumulative total of the PSV of L1 Preferred Customers and L1 Distributors. There are no other requirements to earn a commission as a Distributor.
  • Executive Distributors--In order to meet active status requirement, an Executive must simply meet the 2,000 GSV Executive maintenance requirement. No other requirements are required to qualify for commissions. In the event of a grace month, the Distributor Active requirement of 200 L1 Volume is the requirement.

You'll notice that this change reinforces our commitment that there is NO personal purchase requirement associated with earning a monthly commission. This change in activity requirement is an Americas Region-wide change and does not change activity requirements currently in effect in any other Nu Skin region. This change will also eliminate the current PGSV requirement, effective February 1st.