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Are your products vegan friendly?


At Nu Skin, we do not say or claim that our products are suitable for vegans. This is because there are products that contain animal bi-product ingredients, for example Sunright Lip Balm, which contains bee's wax.


Our Pharmanex supplements have not been formulated to be free of animal ingredients or animal by-products (unless otherwise specified). The process of confirming whether a product is suitable for a vegetarian is not as simple as simply looking at the ingredient. Unfortunately, raw ingredients suppliers are not required to track the plant versus animal origin of excipients (helper ingredients), unless Pharmanex/Nu Skin specifies the need for a vegan/vegetarian version of the ingredient. At the present time it is difficult to certify with absolute certainty that there have been no animal derived ingredients used at some point in the manufacturing process of the raw ingredient, before the raw ingredients are purchased by Pharmanex/Nu Skin. However, we can confirm that all ingredients used in Pharmanex products meet our stringent quality specifications according to the 6S quality process and legal regulations.


Regarding our Pharmanex products, the capsules that we use for some of the supplements (R2, TR90, Tēgreen, etc.) are made from a mixture of porcine and bovine (pork and cow) therefore, they are not vegan friendly. The supplements that are in tablet form, for example: LifePak+, BioGinko and OverDrive, all have a very thin coating of gelatine. This gelatine is made from fish. The reason they have a coating is for safety reasons. It makes them easier to swallow. This type of coating is also used on some types of medicine and other brands of supplements.

Do you test on animals?


At Nu Skin we make it a priority to not do any animal testing, nor do we request others to test on our behalf, except when mandated by law and government regulatory agencies. We evaluate our products in clinical tests on human volunteer panels to ensure the efficacy and safety of our products. In markets where animal testing is mandated, we make every effort to do it in an ethical, humane, cruelty-free manner. You can find our official statement here: Do you test on Animals?

Can I use your products if I am pregnant or breast feeding?


Nu Skin products are carefully formulated to be safe and effective. Our skin care products do not contain any ingredients considered unsafe or questionable for pregnancy, when used as directed. However, when pregnant we would always recommend consulting first with a physician.

Nu Skin recommends individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding consult with your doctor before using any Pharmanex supplements. Nu Skin recommends asking about LifePak Prenatal which is designed for use while pregnant.

Nu Skin does not test its products on or for pregnant women. Nu Skin products are safety-allergy-dermatologist-tested to help ensure they are gentle and can be used by most people without problems. However, when pregnant we would always recommend consulting first with a physician.

Which products can my child use?


A great product to use on your little one is our Epoch Baby Hibiscus Hair and Body Wash. Unfortunately, the rest of our products are produced and tested on those who are aged 18 and older.

Which Pharmanex products can my child take?


Except for JVi, which is suitable for all ages, our Pharmanex products are produced only for those who are fully developed. Therefore, we only recommend taking our supplements at the ages of 18 and older.

Can I combine different Pharmanex products?


Yes, but this is dependent on the formulas available in your country. Please contact your local Product Support for recommended dosages and combinations.

I have a medical condition, which Pharmanex products can I take?


We are unfortunately not able to advise if any of our products are suitable for any kind of medical condition, illness or skin condition, or pregnancy. This is because Nu Skin is not a medical company and therefore have not tested any of our products on such individuals. All our products are tested on healthy individuals with intact healthy skin. We would advise you to take a copy of the Product Information Pages or the ingredient list to your healthcare provider. Based on this information, your physician should be able to determine if the product is safe and suitable with consideration to your specific medical condition, allergy or any medication you might be consuming in conjunction with our products.

Where do I find a Scanner Operator?


If you would like to get a scan and you don’t already know a Scanner Operator, click here.

How do I qualify for a money back guarantee for Scanner certified products ?


To qualify for the money back guarantee, you need to get a scan and link your Scan Card to an ADR and make the order within 7 days. A rescan needs to be done within 60-70 days after the first scan and if the Scanner score is the same or lower, then you can apply for the money back. The form can be found here.


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