Sunny & Catherine Park

Young Jun (Sunny) Park was born in Korea and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 13. When Sunny joined Nu Skin, he thought only “special” people could reach Team Elite status—an accomplishment he thought was way beyond his ability. He began his business thinking that if he worked hard and steadily, he could one day make some supplemental income. Today, he has learned that if a person tries, prepares, has confidence and works toward specific goals without stopping, anyone can be successful.


Along with his upline, Sunny’s parents and older friends served as his mentors during his Nu Skin journey. He also read books that helped with his personal development. As he has built his business, he has learned to look for people who are authentic and radiate positive energy. He believes distributors have a responsibility to work honestly and with integrity; therefore, he seeks people who share his love for motivational books, share the responsibility of growing the team, and always think about the future instead of the past.


To continue to reach his goals, Sunny tries to think about his situation each day, figure out what he needs to change and then do his best to make that change happen. And he remembers the moment he knew he would be successful. “It was at a convention … Blake Roney said something like, ‘Ask yourself why you’re doing Nu Skin, and you’ll find you’re doing it because of family,’” Sunny recalls. “’If that’s the case, you won’t doubt Nu Skin.’” Sunny then lost any doubts he may have had, and he now gives back by participating as a Nourish the Children Ambassador. He wants to spend the rest of his life with Nu Skin and his team and continue to act as a force for good.