Melly Simardjaja

Melly Simardjaja


Briefly share with us your team’s strategy in our most recent LTO.

We employed a simple strategy six months prior to the LTO launch that consisted of three major objectives.


1) Prepare, prepare, prepare – We made use of every opportunity to improve personally and educate ourselves on every facet of the LTO model. We attended group meetings, listened to webinars, and actively participated in team training conference calls. These occasions inspired us to regularly update our list of people interested in the products and routinely follow up with them before the LTO launch. Each week we had an update and a projection of how many kits we were anticipating to sell.


2) Learn the product – Our team committed to learning and mastering knowledge of the new product so that we could be an information resource to potential buyers. In being so familiar with the product, our team members were always confident in their approaches and contacts with new people. We wanted our consumers to be reassured that we knew the value and efficacy of our product system, inside and out.


3) Execute with excellence – In the weeks leading up to the actual LTO launch, our team members familiarized themselves with the LTO website and how to efficiently and correctly place orders. By utilizing the website during the LSO prior to the LTO, we became proficient with the process and were ready to help guide customers and new team members as they placed their orders.


Please explain how the most recent LTO has reshaped your business and strategy.

In my opinion, the LTO Model is the best model for direct selling. It is both exciting and fun to participate in the LTO - the energy is incredible! It’s fundamentally changed the way I view my business and team by infusing us with a greater degree of enthusiasm and satisfaction than we’ve ever experienced before. It gives us something concrete to work towards every six months.


What was the greatest success you experienced during our most recent LTO? 

The most impressive result of our LTO execution was the degree of teamwork displayed. By working together as a committed organization, everyone was able to enjoy the new products, and additionally, the rewards of increased commissions and advancing in title the month afterwards!


How has the LTO model influenced the way you train and coach your down line?

Ever since the company has introduced the LTO model to the field, my team has learned how to be flexible and integrate themselves into a proven system. Change can be difficult, but the clear vision presented by corporate and up line leaders has made it easy to adapt our business model.


What lessons have you learned from the LTO process?

The single greatest lesson I have learned from this LTO process is that this unique business model is the best way to make any team larger, stronger, and healthier. This is the surest way to expand the number of successful Executives in your organization!


What are your goals with our next LTO?

My goal for the next LTO is twofold: I want to Build, Duplicate, and Multiply Ruby Executives within my organization and I want to bring as many team members as possible with me on the next Success Trip. I know we can accomplish this dream if we remain committed to our strategy and plans.