Lawrence Tseng

Lawrence Tseng


Briefly share with us your team’s strategy in our most recent LTO.

We have quality products! People want what we have!  I said to them “go make friends on social media and build a relationship with them. Eventually they will ask what you do.” That is when my team shares before and after pictures with associates to pique their interest. We create curiosity and then we set appointments to meet one-on-one, direct them to YouTube training and videos, and encourage them to tour the website, in their preferred language.


Please explain how the most recent LTO has reshaped your business and strategy.

The LTO has made a huge impact and resulted in unprecedented growth of my business here in the United States. This is a brilliant marketing strategy to create new executives with record breaking volumes. Because of the recent LTO my executive count increased and my organizational volume increased.


What was the greatest success you experienced during our most recent LTO? 

The greatest success I experienced was to see my team members advance pin titles. This is truly a win-win business model. When you help others succeed, you become more successful yourself.


How did you overcome your LTO obstacles and challenges?

 It’s all about team work. If it wasn’t for my team helping each other during the LTO process there would be no way we could have achieved the sales volume that we did. The company sold out $40 million of TR90 in record time! Teamwork is the key, along with preparation, persistence, strategy, and being laser-focused on your goal.


How has the LTO model influenced the way you train and coach your down line?

It has definitely improved my leadership skills, along with my personal organization and planning. Every time we have an LTO or LSO we improve and learn from our mistakes.


What lessons have you learned from the LTO process?

I’ve learned that no matter how much you prepare yourself and your team, there is always someone that is even more prepared! I always tell my team to do the best that they can. Never give up - “be consistent and be persistent.” That is the key to success. Be early and always on time and not be late when the LTO starts. It could be the difference between success and failure.


What are you doing now to plan and prepare for the next LTO?

We are setting goals, both short and long term. You need to have an organizational map drawn out, similar to putting your address into electronic navigation. If you don’t, it is like driving around getting lost and off track. The chance of success is slim because you have no clue which steps and turns are required to get from point A to point B.


What are your goals with our next LTO?

My goal for the next TR90 LTO is become a Team Elite. My goal is to shoot for the stars, but if I land on the moon, that’s ok too!