Antonette Abatti

Antonette Abatti


Briefly share with us your team’s strategy in our most recent LTO.

We applied a comprehensive strategy to our LTO execution that included several key tactics.

First, team members gathered and discussed who were TR90 candidates, insured that all candidates were properly enrolled as Preferred Customers or Distributors prior to the LTO, and then placed one small order on each account to guarantee all information was processed correctly during their signup.

Secondly, we adopted a planning session where we listed candidates on a whiteboard and transferred their pertinent information to a spreadsheet, with attendant LTO codes listed next to their names. We then distributed this compiled data to team members who were participating in the LTO.

Lastly, to foster team spirit and help troubleshoot each other’s problems as they arose, we gathered as a team in a central location, with several computers, to place the live LTO orders.


Please explain how the most recent LTO has reshaped your business and strategy.

We’ve seen firsthand the strength in numbers and the power of coordinated team work. We learned that having a goal written down, with an accompanying step-by-step strategy, is imperative to realizing your goals. Finally, the success in achieving your goals inspires one to set loftier sights for the next LTO and teaches us that our aspirations are indeed attainable.


What was the greatest success you experienced during our most recent LTO?

As a result of our combined efforts, we had several team members jumpstart and further their Executive qualification. However, the greatest success we experienced during the most recent LTO was definitely the expansion of our team and the generous compensation for our hard work. 


What challenges did you face during our most recent LTO? How did you overcome them?

One particular obstacle we faced was securing LTO participants’ financial information prior to the event. We overcame this challenge by gathering in our designated location two hours prior to the LTO launch. It was during this time that we finished collecting and verifying all billing information. We also walked through the process of ordering product with each registered account to insure order accuracy and satisfaction.


How has the LTO model influenced the way you train and coach your down line?

Planning is everything. Follow a strategy, write down and commit to goals, and place them in a visible place where you can review them daily. Most importantly, stay in contact every day, encourage one another, and be open to recommendations and insight from fellow team members.


What lessons have you learned from the LTO process?

Get excited! Talk to everyone you know about the upcoming LTO, passionately and knowingly promote the product and related events, and most importantly, don’t stop.


What are you doing now to plan and prepare for the next LTO?

We are educating distributors to promote the upcoming LTO with their existing customer base and potential prospects by regularly referring to the opportunity. We’re also making similar preparations for the pre-sale of the new ageLOC Facial Spa.


What are your goals with our next LTO?

Our goals are thus: insure existing and new customers acquire Facial Spas and TR90 product, expand our team by a definite figure, and hit new thresholds in the number of distributors signed up.