Phil Nguyen & Jennifer Ha



A fifteen year employee of the Utah National Guard, Phil Nguyen is familiar with the commitment required for success. His wife, Jennifer Ha, a partner in a prestigious law firm, is equally acquainted with the dedication required for achieving prosperity. When an associate approached this couple with the Nu Skin opportunity, they were initially skeptical that such a radically different approach to business could prove equally as lucrative and rewarding as their existing professions.


After researching in detail, the couple decided that investing as business builders was a sound step in creating an additional stream of revenue for their family. Only three short months later, their business was accelerating at an incredible rate and Phil left his career to dedicate his efforts to their Nu Skin organization. He declares, “When we started this business, we didn’t have any specific dream for our efforts. We just wanted to earn enough to get free products. But as we committed ourselves further, we realized that we could achieve something greater for our family – the ability to spend more time with our children. Owning a law firm and being a federal employee, my wife and I, respectively, never have had the proper amount of time to be with our loved ones. Now I can dedicate a larger portion of time to them, and we are working hard with Nu Skin to one day allow Jennifer to do the same.”


The key to their continued success has proven to be their resolve to always take action, never waiting for results to occur. In addition, this couple has remained coachable, despite their extensive experience and professional expertise. Phil recalls a defining moment in following an up line’s counsel, “… We were building our California team, when my sponsor decided that within an hour’s time we were going to drive out there and support our partners in person. I called my wife and asked her to look after our kids, picked up a rental car, and then set out with my sponsor. We drove twelve hours through the night to reach our friends by morning. As a result of our willingness to take immediate action, we now have an incredibly robust team filled with doctors, pharmacists, engineers, and other professionals in that wonderful state. You’ve got to take this business seriously if you want serious results.”


With such enthusiasm and commitment, Phil Nguyen and Jennifer Ha continue to expand their organization and advance in title. They demonstrate their difference by encouraging their team to adopt similar behaviors, to follow the system laid out by their leaders, and staying positive in the face of adversity.