Hilde & Heinz Haiser

Hilde & Heinz Haiser


In November 2011, the ageLOC Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II was presented to us, and we became a Nu Skin Distributor in that very same month. Our sponsor said that it would be good to have 1,000 PSV in November. We did not know why, but we just did it. Thanks to our own excitement about the incredible results of the Galvanic Spa products, we were able to also raise excitement among many other people and had 4,500 PSV on our account in December. We became Executive, although we did not understand what this title meant at that time.


We are all a creature of habit, and so we simply did the same over and over again. This gave us security and helped us to find our way in this new business. The positive momentum continued this way, and in September, we participated in the Ruby Trip to the U.S. In October 2012, we reached the Diamond pin title.


To achieve success, having a good team is crucial. In our organisation, we focus on providing good trainings, creating a good depth and fostering team work. We thank our sponsors for having introduced us to this Nu Skin business, and also thanks to our upline who is on hand with help and advice for us.