media coverage 2014

media coverage 2014


Summer 2014 - Cornish Brides (United Kingdom)
A range of Nu Skin products are featured in the new summer edition of Cornish Brides: ageLOC® Transformation and Nu Skin® Dividends® for Men Collection. Interesting reading for brides, grooms and everybody else.


April 2014 - Grazia (Germany)
Nu Skin´s ageLOC Galvanic Spa System and ageLOC Body Trio are mentioned in a summer-fit-special on page 82 in GRAZIA – a weekly published magazine.


March 2014 - Coiffure (France)
Nu Skin Clear Action Foaming Cleanser was presented in Coiffure Magazine.


January 2014 - Kvety (Czech Republic)
Discover how Nu Skin's ageLOC Future Serum tones your skin and helps to reduce fine lines in 5 days.


Winter 2014 - Dorset Magazine (United Kingdom)
Nicola tells the story about her transformation in 90 days and she explains how the products worked for her.


January 2014 - Rúzs és Má (Hungary)
The editor of Rúzs és Más online site attended our first Budapest Nu Skin EXPO and shares her positive experiences.


June 2014 - Cosmopolitan (Germany)
In Cosmopolitan´s issue 06/2014 on page 146 Nu Skin´s ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio is presented in the summer special called "Lift your leg – 6-step-plan for sexy legs".


April 2014 - WAPA (Spain)
The Spanish magazine WAPA included Nu Skin's Galvanic Body Spa in in the "Trends" section of its Spring issue.


February 2014 - Woman 30 plus (Austria)
Nu Skin´s Sunright® Lip Balm SPF 15 and Sunright® Face & Body SPF 35 is featured in an article about anti-ageing.

MLM Évkönyv_febr_HU

February 2014 - MLM Year Book (Hungary)
The MLM Year book introduces the most important MLM companies in Hungary. Nu Skin is featured in a 4-pages long article with the most important facts and figures.


February 2014 - Tara (Norway)
Three different Nu Skin products are featured in this month’s edition of the Norwegian magazine Tara: Creamy Hydrating Masque, ReNu Hair Mask and Glacial Marine Mud.


January 2014 - Dieta (Czech Republic)
How to fight with cellulite? Nu Skin's ageLOC Body Shaping Gel is proposed as a solution.