Stroilescu Siomna

Stroilescu Siomna


1. How did you qualify for the Go Double Leadership Incentive?
She worked close to her Ruby, which is a very close friend and one of her first sign-up.

2. How many people did you talk to each day to get you here?
2 or 3 persons (she does this business part-time)

3. What were your goals leading up to this achievement?

The most important thing for her is to have a strong network, a long-term solid business.

4. What is your next step?  What new goals have you set?
Her next goal is to reach 50 000 OV by consolidating her legs.

5. What is your favorite motivational quote?
“The need of freedom!” “ Let Nathan be with you!”

6. If you could tell others one thing to help them to achieve the Go Double Leadership Incentive, what would it be?
Everything starts here; you only have to want it bad!

7. What do you plan to do with the $1,000?

They are already spent.