Rodrigue Vienne

Rodrigue Vienne


1. I qualified by focusing on energetic, self motivated Executives who want to develop their business quickly.


2. Our business is not about figures. You need to contact between 3 and 5 people daily. Most of the people around us or people that we meet are looking for something else in life; it's up to us to introduce them to our opportunity.


3. My goals were to help my GOLD and LAPIS executives to qualify in 3 months at the maximum and to help them to attend the RUBY TRIP this year.


4. My next goal is to help 3 other Executives to become Rubies and to go on the trip to South Africa with them. My goals are very clear: double my revenue in 2011 and go on the TEAM ELITE trip in 2012 in Paris.


5. My motivational quote: “They did not know it was impossible, so they did it".


6. The best thing to do to succeed in this Go Double leadership incentive is to SET a PRECISE date for every goal and, most of all, to focus on your goals whatever happens.


7. The $1,000 will help me bring added value to my family holidays. That is what Nu Skin is all about: to improve your and other people's life.