Mireille Nevière

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Mireille Nevière


1. To be honest I did not really searched to win this I just was myself and helped my front line to succeed in her goals/dreams


2. I talk each day to 4-5 people


3. Help me by helping others and in this is job this is really the fact that we share the pleasure together


4. BD for next BD Trip and this is what I’m doing right now so all my goals become true


5.  « You like what you do but you find it difficult. Then let yourself be shaped by the business and it will shape you, it will shape your life»


6. Become Ruby yourself and help other to do the same. The secret is the Ruby Plan because all the doors really open at this step.


7. only pleasure !! I will invite my daughter for a wellness week-end to spend time together, I think this is what I’ll plan

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