Manuela Stengel

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Manuela Stengel


From the start I have prepared my business partners and myself for this incentive. Here it quickly shows who really wants to change something in his/her life and who does not. Everybody wants to have financial freedom, but not everybody is willing to do the work and to really commit to it. Jörg and Silvia told me from the very beginning that they are serious about this business, and no distance was too long for me to provide the best possible support. And I still work with other business partners to achieve this goal.


I will donate 50% of the money received to the fire fighting here in Spain, and I will invest the other 50% in good Nu Skin shares, for the future.


I wish all of my colleagues much success on their journey and in achieving their goals. No goal is too far away, but the arrival is sugar-sweet.

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