Kathrin Pröpster

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Kathrin Pröpster


The Go Double Leadership Incentive is a very special incentive for me. I enjoy most to create and train successful leaders. For me it is an enrichment to experience the heights and to overcome setbacks together with them. Teamwork always comes first! To support each other, to exchange ideas, and to encourage or be encouraged if something did not work as it should. And the prospect to earn additional USD1000, that is €700, was another high motivation for me, of course.


The most important thing you can do to earn this incentive is to ALWAYS perservere… whatever obstacles might occur. Of course, we also need a bit of luck. Always stay focussed on the goal and continuously motivate all Executives who are working towards achieving and maintaining their Ruby title.


Actually, it is quite easy. You must "live Nu Skin”.


The opportunity to earn a lasting high income, to work with many people who follow the same goal – that is the best of all. Paired with unique products, the next goal can only be: GO DOUBLE!


I will use the €700 to finance our next trip to egypt.

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