Florence Youssefane

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Florence Youssefane


1. I qualified for this incentive by helping an Executive who was already very motivated to quickly become a RUBY. First, I did my best to support him by getting to know better the distributors in his group, by giving them advice and trainings depending on their needs and most of all by being a good listener to encourage and motivate them to never lose sight of their goals.


2. On average, I talked to five people a day because we know that the people who succeed in this business are the ones who talk about it the most.


3. To achieve this result, I focused all my efforts on this executive and his distributors. I gave different trainings every week and followed them personnally by underlining the importance of recruiting and creating lines.


4. My personal goal is to recruit 4 new distributors every month to reach my new milestone: to become a DIAMOND, whilst continuing to support new distributors or Executives motivated to become RUBIES.


5. Since I am very shy, I keep this quote in mind: “It’s not because it’s difficult that you don't dare, but it's because you don't dare that it's difficult". So I strive to get out of my comfort zone, I dare to go beyond my fears.


6. In this business, the quote “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving" is very meaningful because as you help others achieve their dreams, you also get your own reward. You need to concentrate on motivated Distributors by listening to them, training them, giving them advice, motivating them and regularly following their development.


7. I will probably treat myself to new clothes.

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