Elke & Peter Auer

Elke & Peter Auer


„Go Double“ is pure motivation for us. This programme urges us to push our organisation further. We want to lead, because we are sure that “Go Double” brings growth for the entire business and supports us in achieving our goals. The recent successful Ruby qualification of our frontline Executive Margret Pirk confirms us in our work. Moreover, we got a special bonus of 1000$.


With some of this money, we can send our two soccer-crazy sons (9 and 10 years old) to a training camp with the former German national soccer player Thomas Strunz. As a symbol of my appreciation I will share a part of this bonus with our Margret by giving her a nice present, because not only is she a business partner, but also became a good friend by now. This comes from all my heart. Thanks a lot to the Nu Skin family!


In business as in sports it is very important to set clear goals, to draft a work schedule or a training schedule and then to start putting it into effect with energy, joy, perseverance and discipline. We think that it is a very important basis for our work to tell people in our organisation that these factors are of high significance for their own business. To teach this, to exemplify this motto “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, to push our downline distributors’ success, to build successful teams, to develop leaders - that will be our way to the Team Elite Platinum.


In the meantime, we have made many new friends - dear friends - through the Nu Skin business. And we are sure that there are still some “power” guys and distributors left that will also become friends.


We are endlessly grateful to Nu Skin, in every aspect. A great company! Thank you very much!