Anton & Maryana Volodin

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Anton & Maryana Volodin


1. I was able to participate in the "go double" project Thanks to the people I work with and thanks to the goals we made sure to Meet objectives for all these three months.


2. Every day we make sure to be in contact with our organization and to communicate closely with all distributors / customers in our organization.


3.No goals were simple, but we found reliable and good people who Helped us achieve it.


4.My next step is to help another two distributors in my organization to get to the nearest ruby trip In August.


5. We have recently immigrated to Israel with economic situation who was not easy, We believe that with Nu Skin Our financial situation will improve.(starting to see good results by improving the economic situation)


6. Learn, learn and learn.


7. Planning a joint trip to Europe next month.

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