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Frequently Asked Questions on the So Summer Collections

How does the So Summer Collections work?

The So Summer Collections give you the great opportunity to assemble your own summer package! Just select three different products and you will benefit from a 20% product discount and 70% shipping discount. Even better, you can have access to exclusive Nu Skin branded accessories.


Follow these steps to place an order:

1. On the homepage of the So Summer Collections: on this page, there are 9 products that are displayed. Click on the “+“ symbol next to the product that you are interested in. Two options are displayed:


    A. “Order this product”. You are directed to the product page. Click on “add to cart”.

    B. “Discover the collection”. You are directed to the collection page. Click on the ”+” symbol next to the product and select “order this product”. You are then directed to the product page where you select “add to cart”.


2. Repeat this 3 times to add a minimum of 3 different products to your basket.

At this stage, you are able to check out at any moment and benefit from a 20% product discount on these products (except on the pre-sales products and exclusive accessories) and 70% shipping discount.


3. After selecting three different products, you have the opportunity to buy one of our exclusive accessories (Summer Bag, Summer Pouch or Summer Water Bottle).


4. Once you are done shopping, select “checkout” at the bottom right of your screen or click on your cart at the top right of your screen. You are then redirected to a final order overview. You can still modify your order here.


5. Select “go to payment” and you will be directed to check-out and go through the usual purchase process.  


About the 24h-offers

The “quick buy” button enables you to purchase the new products during a period of 24 hours only. If you click on this button, you will be able to check out with just this one product in your basket. Before clicking on this button, please make sure you select the correct quantity.

The “quick buy” button will only be displayed when these 24-hour offers are running.



How do I place an order for the 24-hour offers?

Depending on your needs, 2 purchase options are provided. 


1. Purchase the new product only (without any other products).


  • On the homepage, you can find a “quick buy” button next to the 24-hour product offer. Choose your quantity and then click on the “quick buy” button. You are then immediately directed to payment for this product only (even if you had other products in your basket – they will be removed to check out with the pre-sale product only).
  • On the product page of the 24-hour offer, you can also find a “quick buy” button. It works in the     same way as the “quick buy” button on the homepage.


2. Purchase the new product together with a minimum of two other products. Follow the normal flow               described above. 



When are the 24-hour offers and which products will it be?

The 24-hour offers will be as follows:

  • 18 July at 6:00 pm CEST until 19 July 6:00 pm CEST for the Nutriol Eyelas Treatment
  • 15 August at 6:00 pm CEST until 16 August at 6:00 pm CEST for the Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss Tender Beige
  • 22 August at 6:00 pm CEST until 23 August at 6:00 pm CEST for the Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss Sweet Pink.

How do I place an order for the exclusive accessories (Nu Skin Summer Bag, Nu Skin Water Bottle and Nu Skin Summer Pouch)?

You need to select a minimum of 3 different products to be able to buy the exclusive accessories. Once you have added three products in your basket, you will be able to add as many water bottles, pouches and bags as you want to your basket as well.



How do I receive the 20% product and 70% shipping discounts?

The 20% product discount applies to all products (except on the Nutriol Eyelash Treatment, the Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss Sweet pink & Tender Beige and the exclusive accessories) provided you buy a minimum of 3 different products.

The 70% shipping discount applies on standard web shipping for all orders on



When are the new product offers?

Every two weeks a new set of 9 products will be offered. Here are the key dates to know when a new set of products will be offered:



  • Offer 1: 18 July at 6:00 pm to 01 August 6:00 at pm CEST
  • Offer 2: 01 August at 6:00 pm to 15 August 6:00 at pm CEST
  • Offer 3: 15 August at 6:00 pm to 29 August at 6:00 pm CEST
  • Offer 4: 29 August at 6:00 pm to 12 September at 6:00 pm CEST



Can I place the order on ADR?

You can only purchase the product in promotion as a single order because the products are only available for a limited time, 2 weeks.



Can I order my product(s) through my local Customer Service?

This promotion is only online. This means that only web orders are possible. However, your local Customer Service can assist you with the process of ordering via the So Summer Collections website