Sirkku and Göran Björklund

Sirkku and Göran Björklund


I am a numerologist and I have worked hard in different countries for many years. When I heard the presentation about Nu Skin®, its team of scientists and high-quality products – “all of the good, none of the bad” – and the Nourish the Children® initiative, I knew Nu Skin® was right for me. Once I made my decision, I never questioned whether this was the right or wrong one. It was just a matter of going for it, setting goals and it proved to be the right choice.


To be successful, you need to be positive, ambitious, strong-willed and resolute. You must believe in what you do in order to motivate others. Many of those who are successful because of Nu Skin® have said that one should not talk too much in order to motivate people, but I just keep talking until people think the way I do. I “see” what is best for them before they even see it themselves. A “no” or even a few “no’s” do not mean anything to me – there are about seven billion people on this earth, so there are many left to whom I can present Nu Skin® to.


After registering on 26 January, 2009, I became an Executive on 01 February, 2009 thanks to my upline who helped me a great deal during this journey. A few weeks later I became a Ruby Executive and in June 2009 I achieved the pin title of Diamond Executive. This happened when my husband Göran started to get involved in the business. Today, we are qualifying to become Blue Diamond Executives, which, if everything goes according to plan, we will hopefully be by September 2010.


In August 2009, we went on the Ruby Trip in Provo (USA) and in October we had the opportunity to attend the Nu Skin® 25th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles, California, which were both amazing experiences! We got the opportunity to meet many interesting people such as the top managers and discovered that they are ambitious, generous and humble, and they took great care of us.


Furthermore, it was beautiful when Steve Lund, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nu Skin Enterprises said that we are like one big family here on earth. We cannot buy happiness with money. Happiness is an inner state of mind. If we want to be happy, we must allow other people to become happy as well.


A few things to remember: Work hard and consciously - never give up - look for motivated people, not for people who need to be motivated – it is only in the dictionary that pay comes before work - they say a hearty laugh makes you live longer.


We would like to thank the Nu Skin® management team, our uplines, downlines and the Copenhagen office for our success.


Sirkku and Göran Björklund