Hideg Krisztian

Hideg Krisztian


My success story - this is what this is supposed to be. I like being pragmatic so I looked up the definition of success on the internet. It states that “success is the achievement of an objective” and that it is “the opposite of failure”. Well, true, I don’t consider any of my challenges as failures... and I have achieved some of my objectives, but there are still many left. So, am I really successful?

According to Tom Hopkins, American motivator, “success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined, worthwhile goals”. Yes, I have valuable goals and I’m on the way to accomplish them! After convincing myself that I am eligible to write a success story, let’s see how it all started.


First of all, I had to make a decision, before starting this journey. A decision to do something completely different from what I, my family or friends have ever done. It all started with an invitation over the phone, followed by a personal conversation with my sponsor, Gabor Kokany. He invited me to an open presentation held by Karoly Vaczy, which was a defining event in my life. I didn’t understand everything he said nor had any proof of what I heard was true, but I was in! Very soon, it became clear to me that Nu Skin® was different from any other company I knew about. The vital signs of the business were absolutely convincing and, to be honest, I immediately fell in love with the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner. I knew that this was THE opportunity to accomplish my primary objective of quitting my job, which didn’t satisfy me anymore. So I made the decision right there on the spot in June 2006.


Has it all been going easy since then? Not at all... I started to face some difficulties right after I began my Nu Skin® journey. Since I did not have any business background or network marketing experience, I had no idea what to do. The only thing I could do was completely rely on my sponsor. I didn’t try to invent anything, I only did what he and the other leaders suggested and along the way, this proved to be a key success factor.


However, not everyone supported me. Four diplomas, a huge multinational company as my employer and responsibilities in five countries all sounded good, especially for people who were not involved. That is why most of my friends didn’t really understand why I wanted to quit the company and give up a nice salary, the car, the phone, the laptop; in short my career and all that came with it. They didn’t share my vision of achieving free time and financial freedom. Two of them, who even laughed at me behind my back, are now both in the business as well, working towards their goals, and I know my success is an example to many others too. Today, I don't need to explain to anyone why I “switched lanes”.


Secondly, I had to find the balance between my job and Nu Skin®, between making a living and creating my future. I’m grateful that I was able to work as a Ruby part-time, because I serve as an example to many who have a job or a business to run besides Nu Skin®. You can achieve the title of Ruby even by working only one to two hours a day, if you do things right! (Please, do not use this as an excuse if you are in the position to devote more time to the Nu Skin® business!)


Has it been worth it? Definitely! After I became a Ruby, I gave up my job and continued to work with Nu Skin® full-time. Now, being a Diamond, my life exceeds all my previous expectations. Spare time, a solid financial background, friends and continuous self-development – my life has improved significantly in all aspects. I can honestly say I would not change Nu Skin® for any other job or any other business!


And what helps me during the challenges? Knowing that I’m not alone, that I’m part of a great team! Other than that, CDs, books, distributor events, etc., provide me with knowledge, vision and faith in the business and in myself. The reason why we can have such a healthy vision is because Nu Skin® provides us with products that really work, technologies that demonstrate the difference, innovations that keep up the buzz, a rock solid scientific and financial background - and with all this, a very rewarding business opportunity! But Nu Skin® turned out to be more than just a company to work with - it is a family you belong to!


So set your goals, be part of this family, share your vision and have fun!