Terms & Conditions



Termes et Conditions


2021 Pacific Leadership Summit (“Leadership Summit”) Terms & Conditions


Qualification Period:

January 2020 to December 2020


(1) For only one participant in the qualified account to be rewarded to attend the Leadership Summit, the account needs to be paid as Ruby Partner or above for any 4 months and meet a monthly minimum of 6 Building Blocks (3000 GSV) in each of these 4 months during the qualification period.

(2) For two participants* in the qualified account to be rewarded to attend the Leadership Summit, the account needs to be paid as Ruby Partner or above for any 6 months and meet a monthly minimum of 6 Building Blocks (3000 GSV) in each of these 6 months during the qualification period.

*The Leadership Summit rewards are limited to a maximum of two participants per account (Note: both participants must be in the qualifying account on or prior to the qualification period i.e. January 2020).

Qualified participants in (1) and (2) are collectively referred to as “Qualifiers”.


• Nu Skin Enterprises Australia, Inc., Nu Skin Enterprises New Zealand, Inc. and their affiliated companies (collectively “Nu Skin”) will allocate a flight allowance for return economy class flights to Gold Coast based on quotes from our choice of airline to arrive and depart for the dates of the trip from the closest capital city airport from your registered mailing address (“Flight Allowance”). Nu Skin will inform you of the Flight Allowance amount at the time qualification is met and Qualifiers will be required to make their own flight bookings. Upon booking and paying for your flights, please submit the copy of the receipts to Nu Skin and we will reimburse you the actual amount paid, up to the maximum amount of the Flight Allowance. The reimbursement will be paid into the Qualifier’s next monthly commission. Any airline, location or date changes are at your expense and subject to Nu Skin’s prior written approval.

• All receipts must be submitted to the Nu Skin office at your home market no later than 30th January 2021 for entitlement of reimbursement.

• Hotel accommodation and meals are provided by Nu Skin as indicated on the Leadership Summit Registration Form.

• Return Airport transfers from Coolangatta Airport (Gold Coast) to your hotel are provided by Nu Skin. Please note: Complimentary round-trip airport transfer to and from hotel in Gold Coast will be available ONLY on the 28th of January 2021 and 29th of January 2021. Any transfers outside of these dates will be the responsibility of the Brand Affiliates at their own cost.

• Nu Skin will pay for one (1) car parking fee for all local (Gold Coast & Brisbane) Qualifiers. Qualifiers must advise of parking request at least one (1) week before the event start date.

Terms & Conditions:

• Participants are required to meet the requirements as stated above and once qualified must maintain a minimum title of Brand Representative (previously called “Executive”) until January 2021 but must be minimum paid as Ruby Partner in December 2020.

• To be eligible to participate in the Leadership Summit, Certified Lines of the qualifiers who qualify towards the Leadership Summit have to be within Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia and New Caledonia).

• Title advancement as a result of roll up will not count toward the qualifications.

• Any title advancement that is the result of an account merger will not be entitled to participate in the Leadership Summit, i.e. if 2 accounts merge to create an Executive Brand Partnership, the merged account would not qualify for the Leadership Summit.

• No substitutes or cash equivalents will be awarded. The Leadership Summit is non-transferable. Cancellation of the trip of the Leadership Summit by Brand Affiliate(s) after official confirmation may incur costs to the account.

• Travel Insurance is not included in the Leadership Summit. Participants will need to make their own arrangements if needed.

• To participate in the Leadership Summit, all qualified Brand Affiliates MUST have their travel visas (if required) 3 weeks prior to the departure date. Brand Affiliates are responsible for applying for their own visas.

• Brand Representatives with excessive returns in their organisation may be disqualified. Nu Skin reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine what constitutes excessive returns. If there are any excessive returns in the 12 months following the trip of the Leadership Summit that would have affected pin level and qualification for the trip, then the Brand Affiliate agrees to reimburse Nu Skin for the cost of the trip and any other recognition events.

• To participate in the Leadership Summit, participants must not be in breach of the Policies & Procedures (see Chapter 2, Section 6.5 of the Policies & Procedures for complete policy). Any indication of manipulation regarding the qualification criteria will disqualify any participants attempting to benefit from the Leadership Summit. This includes, but is not limited to, buying in volume for qualification purposes using downline accounts.

• Nu Skin has the final decision in the event of any disputes regarding any of the above.

• Nu Skin reserves the right to interpret the rules of the Leadership Summit.

• Nu Skin reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions without prior notice to the participants.



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