TE Rome

2015 (2016 Rome Trip) Team Elite Platinum Qualifications

Team Elite Platinum Qualifications

1)      Have 500,000 Organizational Volume (OV) in December 2015 (Group Sales Volume plus G1 to G6 sales volume).

2)      Must have 16 first generation “Qualified Breakaway Executives” for 6 months of the calendar year.

3)      Be paid as a Blue Diamond with 12 “Qualified Breakaway Executives” in December 2015.

4)      Develop minimum 1 new G1 Star

5)      Grow the number of incremental Executives in your organization (G1-G6) by at least 100 from the prior year baseline (December 2014).

The number of incremental Executives that a qualifying Team Elite Platinum may count from a downline Ruby through Team Elite line that has increased by 100+ organizational Executives will be based on the depth of that downline Ruby to Team Elite account, according to the following encumbering rules:


Ruby+ downline with 100+ growth

Maximum # of incremental Executives that can be counted from the line

If Ruby+ on your G1


If Ruby+ on your G2


If Ruby+ on your G3


If Ruby+ on your G4


If Ruby+ on your G5


If Ruby+ on your G6



·   Encumbered Executives must still be within the qualifying Team Elite Platinum’s G1 – G6 organization.

·   Encumbered Ruby+ Executives can only count Executives to their paid depth.

·   Gracing Executives, Provisional Executives, Demoting Executives, and Business Builder Positions will not count into the baseline or the incremental Executive growth numbers.

·   December 2015 is the final month for determining incremental year-over-year Executive growth.


Team Elite Platinum levels will be determined based on the following achievements in combination with all other requirements listed above:

·         1 Star Team Elite Platinum: 1 New G1 Star

·         2 Star Team Elite Platinum: 2 New G1 Stars

·         3 Star Team Elite Platinum: 3 New G1 Stars

·         4 Star Team Elite Platinum: 4 New G1 Stars

Team Elite Platinum Awards

The following traditional awards will be received along with many more elite and special benefits and experiences as determined by the location of the Team Elite Trip.

1)      1 Star Team Elite Platinum: Truman Hunt Team Elite Platinum Pin.

2)      2 Star Team Elite Platinum: Sandie Tillotson exclusively designed clutch purse for women and cufflinks for men. Sandie’s gifts are always an exciting surprise saved for her to reveal on the trip.

3)      3 Star Team Elite Platinum: Steve Lund Signature Pen.

4)      4 Star Team Elite Platinum: Blake Roney Signature Watch.

All qualified 4 Star Team Elite Platinum Executives will meet in Rome two days prior to the Team Elite trip and will enjoy special activities in which they will receive their 4 Star Team Elite Platinum, Blake Roney Signature watch.

All qualified 1-3 Star Team Elite Platinum Executives (including 4 Star TEP from the day before) will meet in Rome one day prior to the Team Elite trip where they will enjoy special activities and will receive their 1-3 Star Team Elite Platinum Founder’s Gifts.