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Lilli Vanhatalo

Lilli Vanhatalo


Before partnering with Nu Skin, I studied social psychology and marketing at Helsinki University. I also worked part-time as a waitress at several restaurants and coffee shops. I had and still have a great affection for horses and loved training my horse and competing at a high level in dressage and western riding (very expensive and time-consuming hobby!). I had made up my mind that I did not want to do a “normal 8 to 4 job” - I would like to generate something of my own instead. I just had no idea what it could be that I could make enough money and gain enough time from. One option was to work with horses, but it is a very hard and poorly paid job.


I dreamed of doing something extraordinary with my life as long as I could remember and since childhood, I had big dreams. My biggest dream was freedom. For me, success is doing what you want, with whom you want, whenever you want, as a quote on Facebook cleverly said. And that dream of financial- and time-related freedom, and ultimately independence has been my driving force ever since. That has also been my biggest motivation. And for me, freedom means having all the time and money I could spend with my husband, friends and horses. And travel around the world and not having to wake up early in the morning, which is very important! I don’t have any children yet, but when I do, I want that both my husband and I can stay at home to take care of them.


I was first introduced to Nu Skin’s products when my sponsor, who is a friend of my mother, sent me some products as a wedding gift. They felt good on my very dry and sensitive skin but I refused to listen to anything about starting a business. I thought that no “serious” money could be earned from that kind of “small” business and I couldn’t even imagine that it could be a vehicle to achieve my dreams. Luckily, my sponsor believed in me and kept on asking me to join the business. Finally, when she promised to buy me plane tickets from Helsinki to Copenhagen to see the products, people and business, I agreed and flew to Copenhagen. That’s when I saw the potential of this business. That was December 2009. I became an Executive in February 2010 and have been working with Nu Skin full time since March 2011.


Nu Skin business has made me a better person!


It teaches me self-control, trust, patience and social skills. The business can grow only as fast as you grow yourself (and because I’m very stubborn, I had some hard times in the beginning). I am very thankful to my team who are amazing, hard working people; I would do anything to help them make their dreams come true. I am also very thankful to my upline and husband for all the support they give me.


I use the Nu Skin Sales Compensation Plan, the EMEA Success Trips, Executive Bonuses and all the campaigns to plan how to get my financial goals. The financial plans I make according to how much money I need (short term goal) and how much money I want (long term goal).

When you have very clear vision about your destination it is a lot easier to get there! For example, if you get into a taxi and you don’t know where you want to go or you only say where you do not want to go, it is very hard for the taxi driver to get you where you want to go. It is the same with your unconscious mind, you are going somewhere all the time in your life, but you can only get where you want if you know what your goals are! Writing them down makes you concentrate on them and really think about what you want!

There are three memorable experiences that are the most important for me (also EMEA Success Trips, etc., they are awesome, but these three moments were significant).


The first is the moment I saw my vision of freedom and realised it could be achieved with Nu Skin. I was at a business presentation in Denmark for the first time and understand absolutely nothing but at the end of the presentation, my upline showed me a picture of a very beautiful beach and said “as soon as you have enough customers and Distributors in your team and you have helped them to start, you will be free to do whatever you would like to do”. And that was it!  I went back home and started to work!


The next big moment was when I found out that after all the struggling in the beginning my income had increased linearly year after year (and later on exponentially). So although it seemed to be frustrating and almost impossible, it had gone forward very systematically.


The third experience occurred recently when I qualified as a Blue Diamond and I was asked to speak in big trainings and people wanted to hear my story. I realised that I’m finally where I want to be and now is the time to start to make all my dreams come true.


Now, I’m finally free (there is a lot of work still to do but I can choose who I work with and when and where). I can work with extraordinary people in extraordinary places and I can start to make true all those things I have dreamed of and I can make new dreams with no limits, because with this business I can achieve almost anything I can dream of!