Oletko vielä täällä?


Krisztina Hegedűs


My story began 1,5 years ago after my mentor introduced me to the Nu Skin products. It was love at first sight! Then, when I was presented with information about the business, company, science and the technologies behind the products, and I understood the company’s vision, I decided to fully commit myself to Nu Skin.


This opportunity changed my life completely. I have the chance to develop an international business, working from home beside my girls, and to take advantage, not only from a stable financial business, but also have the freedom to which most people only dream of. Now I can offer the best to my children and family.


However, the biggest change took place within me. I have changed my attitude completely and  have become a more open and positive person. I have learned to have more confidence in myself. And I understand perhaps maybe the most important thing in life: everything that may seem impossible at first, may become possible the moment you have enough trust in yourself and start working daily towards achieving it. There is no limit!


I met wonderful people on this journey whom I’ve learned so much from. Both my mentors and my team members always make me feel like part of a big family. These people motivate and inspire me every day.


I witnessed some amazing successes in my organisation and this motivates me daily to continue what I do. This opportunity changed many lives and I am thankful every day for the fact that I can also be a witness to some unique success stories.


My goal is to become a Blue Diamond as soon as possible, but I surely will not stop there. I would like to offer to as many people as possible, especially in Romania, this chance to change their lives for the better and to accomplish their dreams. I also want to be a “force for good”.