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Andrea & Andrew Kovacs

Andrea Kovacs and Andras Turi


Our Nu Skin story started in London.
I (Andrea) was working as an event manager in a hotel in London, I was also running my own event management company on the side, and exercised on a daily basis. Health and sport have always played an important part in my life; I played basketball for 17 years and then later I became a long-distance runner. I was organising a Nu Skin event at the hotel when I met Ric Norell. I declined the opportunity many times due to lack of time, but Ric was persistent. When he eventually managed to show me what the Nu Skin opportunity is all about, I realised that this would grant me the time I was missing; with this opportunity I could finally be free.
Andrew used to work as a locksmith in a car service in Budapest. Once, one of his clients brought a new car to the service and told him: “money and time do not matter”. This was one of the most inspiring moments of his life and he was eager to find a way to have this freedom in life, so he found Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). At first he worked in a financial MLM, and later he moved to London to learn English and to expand his business internationally. He met Ric Norell in London, who introduced him to me and from that moment we continued working on our Nu Skin business together.
Many   people   look   for   the easier,   shorter   way   in   life.   They   think   that successful people have some secret or they are just lucky. However, we know that nothing beats hard work. The harder we work, the luckier we get. This business requires determination, hard work, a lot of sacrifice, persistence and continuous self-development. We   know   that   pain   is temporary, pride is forever. In spite of many difficulties we never gave up, because we would have regretted that for the rest of our lives.
The biggest change we have experienced since the beginning of our journey with Nu Skin is in the quality of our life. We can live anywhere, travel a lot, and finally we have time to do sports again, to be with our family, to gain new experiences. We do not have an alarm clock, do not have to spend time in queues or in traffic jams, we do not have to ask anyone for holidays. We live our dreams and we are grateful for that every day.
What else has this opportunity given us? Huge self-development. We are more self-confident, understanding, patient, welcoming, and by now we have helped a lot of people achieve their dreams. This opportunity taught us how to become the best version of ourselves. We are able to do things we thought were impossible, for example giving   presentations   on   a   stage   to   thousands   of   people.   If you believe in yourself and are willing to step out of your comfort zone, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.
The most beautiful   moments   in   the   business   are when   we   see others succeed. Our colleagues give us great inspiration and we would also like to inspire others. We are very grateful for everything our mentors do for us, they are fantastic people.

We are happy and thankful for finding Nu Skin.
Andrea Kovacs and Andras Turi