Vivienne Brown & Tom Tachibana

Prior to Nu Skin, Vivienne Brown had a varied career—from a CPA firm to garment manufacturing to aviation and industrial equipment to real estate and even her own restaurant. She wanted more free time since she was tired of working very long hours six to seven days a week and never taking a vacation. She also wanted to create a business her children could inherit, and she liked the idea of helping others change their lives. When she signed her LOI, she made a decision right then to be successful, and she visualized becoming a Blue Diamond. Quitting was never an option. She knew that Nu Skin was a great vehicle that could take her to the time and financial freedom she wanted. “My previous ownership of the different businesses only brought lots of stress and no real accumulation of wealth,” she says.


Vivienne holds regular meetings and trainings for her team, and spends time with her team members to ensure they understand the products and how best to communicate, prospect and qualify. In addition to gaining financial freedom, Vivienne says the leadership skills she has learned and the friendships she has created through her business are priceless. To her, a leader must believe in others’ potential, radiate positive energy, contribute to others’ welfare and continually work on personal growth to lead by example. Vivienne has gained the time and financial freedom she wanted for her and her husband, Tom, and their family. She gives back by purchasing and donating VitaMeals through the Nourish the Children initiative. She also continues to share Nu Skin with everyone she meets. “I show them that Nu Skin can be a force for good for them and they can in turn make it a force for good for the rest of their world,” she says.