Sherry Lung & Steve Huang

Sherry Lung and Steve Huang had an interesting journey as they built their Nu Skin business. It was filled with starts and stops and a final “Aha!” moment that led to their current success. Prior to Nu Skin, Sherry owned three medical spas in Los Angeles and lived a life long on stress and short on fun. In 2004, Sherry helped Steve, then her fiancé, start a Nu Skin business. However, she soon became disenchanted with direct selling and urged Steve to quit, go back to a job while she focused on her spas.


Though they no longer recruited, they continued to use and love Nu Skin products. In November 2007, Steve and Sherry were introduced to the Galvanic Spa. Sherry’s negative attitude changed instantly when she saw that Nu Skin “represented ultimate freedom.” She was determined to reach Blue Diamond quickly to earn the bonus available at the time. Once she achieved this goal, she learned that she and Steve could go on a Baltic cruise if they reached Team Elite right away. She urged Steve to quit his full-time job and help her build the business. Not only did they qualify as Team Elite Executives, but they also earned the most Global Leadership Points in 2008.


Sherry credits their success to the support they have received from upline mentors to downline and sideline leaders. “This is all about team work,” says Sherry. Steve combats adversity with a “strong focus and a definite purpose towards achieving goals.”  He believes, “to be a leader, we have to consistently grow ourselves.” Once they got clear on their vision, aligned their goals, and determined that no one could stop them, their business grew at an exponential pace. As Sherry and Steve continue to build their business, they focus on making a difference in the world, one person at a time.