Pat & Marguerite Sung

Pat and Marguerite Sung from Potomac, Maryland, had a very tangible “why” that helped keep them motivated when they became distributors over 24 years ago: a new house.  Although Marguerite was an IT department project supervisor of a major U.S. airline and Pat was a senior legal counsel with a multinational oil company, they needed extra income to pay for the house. Every weekend they would go to the development to motivate themselves. “The new house was beckoning us to get moving in the business,” the Sungs say. “It was saying to us, ‘This is nice, isn’t it? You want to live here … you need to continue moving in Nu Skin.’”


And move forward they did. Eventually their Nu Skin income had grown to the point where Marguerite could leave her job. Later Pat joined her full-time in the business. And even though they are now very successful, they feel very strongly that they must continue to lead by example. “We are still actively holding meetings to help distributors build their businesses, particularly in the Washington, DC, area,” they say. “Our goal is to make this area a hotbed for Nu Skin.”


Pat and Marguerite have always been very dedicated to their business, to the point where Pat was willing to put his face “on the line.” For four years he applied Celltrex to one side of his face to show the difference the product can make—action that helped their business expand. Marguerite swears by Tru Face Line Corrector and its ability to combat the signs of aging. Both agree that Nu Skin has changed their lives in many positive ways, including giving them the ability to support a research professorship in chemical and biomedical engineering and a fellowship in mathematics at the University of Maryland where they met.