Laird & Paige Riffle

Prior to joining Nu Skin, Paige Riffle was a speech and language pathologist who treated stroke, cancer, and head-injured persons. With this background, she knew the importance of living a healthy life. She realized she could build a successful Nu Skin business when she saw how the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner could show people whether their supplements and diet were supporting positive health. When she began her Nu Skin business, Paige took an honest look at her financial and personal situation, and she saw the incredible integrity, vision and science behind the company. “And then I just surrendered to the coaching of my incredible upline leaders,” she says. Her initial goal was to create financial freedom for herself and her husband, Laird, and support healthier living. Now she focuses on helping to manifest financial freedom for others so more people can participate in making a positive difference in the world.


Paige calls reaching Blue Diamond just the beginning of stabilizing and growing her business. As a Team Elite Executive, she helps others advance in rank, a feeling she calls “Awesome!” She believes a leader must “walk the talk” and look for proactive individuals who are seeking change. “It’s basics done well, over and over again,” she explains. ‘It’s being able to ‘sift and sort’ rather than attempting to ‘convince’ others.” Another factor is constantly working on developing yourself. “The personal development concept is key to leadership,” she says. “We must work tirelessly to become the ideal person that we would want to recruit into our business.” Today Paige and Laird lead a life of choice and purpose. And together they participate as Nourish the Children Ambassadors, donate meals to their local rescue mission and continue to teach personal responsibility and life skills to those who truly desire to create positive change in their lives.