Scott & Nancy Tillotson

Scott Tillotson was involved in real estate prior to joining Nu Skin. He watched the company grow, and in 1989 felt the time was right for him to become a distributor. He set his goals and worked hard to create a leveraged vehicle that would help him build a better lifestyle for him and his family. After his initial success, his “why” changed to helping others. “You learn that if you help enough other people have success, you will have success also,” Scott says. At first, Scott kept his focus on reaching Blue Diamond. “I committed [to that goal] and never looked back,” he adds.


Scott believes when you sponsor a person it is important to work as hard for them as they are prepared to work for themselves. This includes meeting prospects, doing 3-way calls and holding group presentations. His role model is his mother, Clara McDermott. “She set a pace for us when we started that never idled,” he says. “That pace was motivating and a great example to follow.” Scott believes “where much is given, much is expected.” Because Nu Skin makes him and his wife, Nancy, aware of the world’s needs, they support ways to lessen suffering and build self-esteem.